Finding Hackensack Criminal Defense Lawyer for Top Four Internet Crimes

Wednesday , 8, March 2023 Comments Off on Finding Hackensack Criminal Defense Lawyer for Top Four Internet Crimes

internet crimesWhen we talk about crimes, we usually think about murder, physical assault, rape, burglary, or theft. With advanced technology, people can now commit crimes without physically touching each other, without looking at each other, and sometimes even without knowing each other. This genre of crime is known as Internet crime or cyber crime in the legal world.

In this article, we will discuss about the four most common types of cyber crimes and how a Hackensack Criminal Defense Lawyer specializing in the field of Internet crimes can help you.

Theft of Identity

Data encryption has enabled online businesses to thrive on the Internet. Thousands of merchants have their presence online and millions are spent in online shopping around the world every year. With the ease of shopping online, making bill payments and card payments using online gateways have exploded in the recent times. However, there is still a large degree of threat associated with online transactions.

As the Internet grows smarter, the hackers and fraudsters also look for new and advanced ways to steal your personal details like credit card number, social security information, PIN numbers, and so on. The hackers may sometimes use this information to get access to your bank account or use your credit card for shopping without your permission.

Stealing personal information is an act of Internet crime and hackers may have to pay a fine of up to $15,000 or serve 18 months to 5 years in jail. If you are caught in any form of cyber crime or you are a victim of identity threat, contact a criminal lawyer who specializes in cyber crime to help you out of the situation.

Online Fraud

Fraud can take place in any medium and the online world is not immune to it. Some of the most common types of fraud practices carried out online are identity fraud, bank fraud, and credit card fraud. For example, if someone steals your personal information and uses it to apply for loan or credit then this is considered as online fraud.

Another popular types of online fraud is to create a website that looks like an authority site and dupe people to enter their sensitive information in return of a reward. Anyone who is involved in such a crime is punishable by law

Promoting prostitution and escort services online

In New Jersey, prostitution is a punishable offense but the Internet world has made it easy for prostitutes as well as clients to carry out the illegal business without any fear. As a result, the police officers often raid the shady areas to catch the law breakers.

If you are involved with prostitution in any way or you have been caught by mistake, it is important to let your Hackensack Criminal Lawyer talk on your behalf. When you have serious charges against you, it is important to keep your calm and talk to an attorney who has experience in cyber crime division.

Selling or buying drugs online

Unscrupulous drug dealer try to contact easy victims online to sell controlled substances illegally. Today, there are illegal marijuana sites online that sell a plethora of cannabis products even when they are prohibited by the state law.

If you are caught in the racket, this may result in serious consequences. Always check the state law before buying or selling marijuana. Some states allow medical marijuana but using it for recreational purpose is still a criminal offense.

Under any circumstance, if you are caught dealing with an illegal site selling or buying prohibited controlled substances like drugs, contact your Hackensack criminal defense lawyer immediately to seek legal help.